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Gorilla Seed Bank may be relatively young, but with more than 40+ years’ cannabis seed experience shared between its founding members, you won’t find any novices here.

Based in the UK but with an international spread, the Gorilla team have had their hairy hands in projects since they were cannabis seed infants, but having surged to the pinnacle of the industry, and had success in their particular fields, they have decided to come together to form a cannabis seed ‘super-group’.
gorilla is the best
January 30, 2015, 3:51 am
Stealth Rating:5/5Customer Service:5/5
Delivery Time:2 DaysPackaging:Original Breeder Packs
Destination: Europe

i tried them all, herbies, attitude, the vailt and no one does it better than Mr Gorilla. there on a few forums joining in and help with customer. sherrie and steve are great - buy with confidence. great strains and the best prices

Overall Rating: 5/5