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The Hemp Depot is a Cannadian retailer stocking some of the best breeder strains from around the world

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Good service, bad seeds
May 4, 2015, 10:44 am
420 Magazine
Stealth Rating:3/5Customer Service:3/5
Delivery Time:7 DaysPackaging:Custom Pack without Breeder Sl
Destination: New World

My order arrived very quickly and was accurate. The seeds were a huge disappointment. The germination rate was 100% but the genetics (Beanhoarder) leave a lot to be desired. Plants have very little vigor. This is a Grade A seed seller but I'll be avoiding Beanhoarder seeds from now on.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Hemp Depot
November 11, 2013, 6:40 am
Stealth Rating:4/5Customer Service:5/5
Delivery Time:5 DaysPackaging:Original Breeder Packs
Destination: New World

 Every time I order from H.D. My order is correct, and has freebies! (if you inquire) From door to door my order(s) take 10-12 days depending on weekends holidays..etc...My next order goes there!!!

Overall Rating: 5/5

Not what I expected
December 8, 2009, 4:45 am
Stealth Rating:1/5Customer Service:1/5
Delivery Time:35 DaysPackaging:Custom Pack without Breeder Sl
Destination: Australasia

They took FOREVER to arrive and when I opened the pack half of them were crushed!!!I grew out what was left and they turned out ok.. but i will not be using these guys again!!

Overall Rating: 1/5

Took a while, but all was good in the end.
February 17, 2009, 2:56 pm
Cannabis Seed Bank Guide
Stealth Rating:5/5Customer Service:3/5
Delivery Time:98 DaysPackaging:Custom Pack without Breeder Sl
Destination: New World

I ordered from them 20 seeds. 10 seeds of Blueberry. And 10 seeds of a Sativa.

The Sativa Strain was brand new to the market, and selling like hot cakes.

The Sativa was in stock when I ordered.
BUT within 30 days they ran out.
This was probably the reason for the delay, plus factor in that I did a United States Postal Service money order that was sent via regular mail (the cheapest).

I didn't like the LACK OF EMAIL informing me of the situation. But I kept my faith, since they had not posted on their site that my order had been taken by customs. I also would of liked an email asking if I wanted to split the orders, but that email didn't happen.

At the same time, I never called OR emailed to enquire about the order.

But eventually the seeds came in. Packaged so discreet it took some time to find them. No breeder packages included, but who cares.

Every Sativa seed germinated quickly and took off.

With the 10 Indica seeds. I have tried 3 at a time, twice.

First 3 germinated and died.
Second 3 germinated and grew.

Hemp Depot is overpriced, but I would order from them again.

Overall Rating: 4/5