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Russian babes are fun
Strain report by: jimbojones5678

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 Strain Info
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Smell Rank:
Palate Rank:
Overall Stone:
 Pheno Notes
Flower Time:65 Days
Yeild:200 Grams
Strain Structure:Solid
Palate Type:Chemical,Peppery
Stone Type:Cerebral,Alert,Head High
Ease of Growth:Very Tolerant and Stable
 Strain Characteristics
Trichome Production:Very Frosty
Mould Resistance Rating:Unknown
Training Style used:SCROG
 Other Pheno Comments
3 types - stretchy, very short with dense buds, medium height with reasonably dense buds considering I over-crowded the growroom it still pulled over an oz per plant.
 Feeding Program
Vegative Program  Flower Program 
Nutrient Type:2 Part Hydro Nutrient Type:2 Part Hydro
Nutrient Level: 1, EC ; Nutrient Level:2.2, EC ;
Additives:Beneficial Bugs,Catalyst,Nitrogen Booster,Silica; AdditivesBeneficial Bugs,Catalyst,PK 13-14,Nitrogen Booster,Silica ;
 Environment Info
Veg Lighting:

600 HPS

Flower Lighting:600 HPS
Area Width:800  mm Area Length:800 mm
Structure:Cupboard Room Material:Panda Film
Average Temp: 27 °C; Average Humidity50 %
Medium:Clay Pebbles
 Additional Comments
Seemed easy to grow, slow to pack on bud weight, got 6 female from six seeds, clones appear to be consistent / all about 14days. Very much a energetic, cerebral high - toning down a little after a month or so. I'm still enjoying this smoko after 6oz of it, very fun and invigorating, can cause insomnia.
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Russian babes are fun by: jimbojones5678
Smell Rating:3/5Palate Rating:3/5
Strain Strength:4 /5Overall Rating:4 Grams
Flower Time:65 DaysYeild:200 Grams
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