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Ch 9 Female Seeds
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We started growing pot in the 80' indoor & outdoor.Then in California, which occurred in 1996, where we could smoke and test new rare strains from private gardens, along with all the Mid-grade that passed through the Mexican border .
In 2000 we moved to the Mendocino & Albion area,in northern California, north of San Francisco.
Then back in Europe in 2004.
We are member of the OCBC Oakland Cannabis buyer's cooperative ,for a Medical Marijuana program #15001.
We use a discreet reinforced envelope ,with nothing incriminating on it. No company name.
We do not ship from theNetherland. To Worldwide.
well ... hmmm
February 8, 2010, 11:57 pm
Blaze daily
Stealth Rating:2/5Customer Service:1/5
Delivery Time:6 DaysPackaging:Custom Pack with Breeder Slip
Destination: Europe

Seeds did arrive (6-7 days-Europe).
At flowering I found 4 hermies of 17 plants.
3 seeds of 20 in total didnt germ at all.
For all that money its not worth.
They need to learn much much more about fems!

Overall Rating: 1/5