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" is a 100% Canadian owned company operated in Vancouver, B.C. We donít carry inferior seeds just like the other seed banks out there. We are different because we only carry high quality and popular strains that people want. We do not carry mediocre level of marijuana seeds. We buy our marijuana seeds in bulk so that we can offer you, our customers, with the best prices for marijuana seeds in Canada as much as possible.

Unlike Dutch and British seed banks, we are more reliable and faster in shipping our marijuana seeds for sale because Canadaís mail system is considered as the best in the world. We offer fast same day shipping to all countries of the world.

Canada also has the most trusted mail system in the whole world. Unlike other seed banks, we can assure you of higher percentage of success rate of delivery. Other seedbanks get their seeds shipments seized before arriving to their customers. We offer stealthy packaging for higher percentage of delivery success rate.

We know about how other seed banks experience beings seized because we have a lot of customers from other companies who fail to deliver.

Give us a try now, we have the best customer service and all our marijuana seeds for sale in Canada speak for our reputation."
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