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After 12 years of growing, testing and experimenting with many different varieties, Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. Paradise Seeds maintains a strict selection criterion on characteristics such as potency and taste. All seeds from the retail shop are sent in packets of 10. Paradise are also one of the more popular breeders who offer a wholesale service so you will see there seeds in MANY seedbanks.
Our seeds are organically produced and contain all the necessary trace elements for a good start. We can guarantee you will always get fresh,living seeds that are sure to grow top-quality plants.
Paradise Seeds guarantees a 95% germination rate, if the growing conditions are right.
Medicinal use
Paradise Seeds' varieties are qualified for medicinal use. Our varieties are able to help relieve pain and suffering, reduce nausea, induce appetite and treat a range of other ailments for people who require medical marijuana. For many people, marijuana is essential to making life bearable. Unfortunately, in most countries cultivation of cannabis plants, even for medicinal use, is still prohibited.
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