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Welcome to Effetto Serra's Amsterdam - based cannabis seed bank,selling on line since 1999. Cannabis cultivated at home is definetly more pure and more potent than street hashish,all homegrowers are almost invisible:IF YOU CAN GROW CANNABIS AT HOME,WHY GO OUT AND ENGAGE WITH A DEALER OR SUPPLIER?We breed and produce seeds of the best hybrid marijuana strains available directly from seeded female plant to grower by our own hands. We've got Skunk strains, White strains, hash plants and the ultra modern all female or feminized seeds. Authors of the new grow guide "Skunk Power" (by Frankie Serrra, Amsterdam, Positive Publishers, 2003) we offer the finest possible cannabis genetics at reasonable prices, all packages are successfully posted anywhere and our worldwide delivery is fast and reliable (please, check ordering formalities below). During Spring and early Summer marijuana growers from the Northern hemisphere are taking care of their golden gardens, while in the Southern hemisphere's autumn, all ganja growers are busy maturing and harvesting their cannabis plants in balconies, gardens or even "guerrilla" open field spots and green-houses. We wish to point out that the practice of Indoor cannabis cultivation with artificial High Pressure Sodium lamps has no season in the year: you can easily grow cannabis successfully in a closet or a ventilated corner in Britain or Australia, in Ireland or South Africa, in Germany or Japan, in Sweden or New Zealand, in Italy or in the USA each and every one operating in similar climatic conditions anytime. Effetto Serra seeds has grown, dried, cured and finally tasted all the varieties in this catalogue one by one; Amsterdam is indeed the favorite spot for cannabis to be propagated and experimented. The result of a quarter century of "field research" and selective breeding are those famous short, bushy, sticky and stinky strains like WHITE WIDOW, PINK WIDOW, BIG BUD, SUPER SILVER HAZE, EARLY WHITE, JACK HERER, SUPER SKUNK, HINDU KUSH, SKUNK#5 among the others. This cultivars where bred to grow and bloom in narrow spaces like your closet, your balcony or a corner in your sunny backyard. Please realize your own "square meter of Happiness", make your "three square feet = ten ounces of pot" real and please, stop spending money on weed,it is never too late. Check our pics, our best-sellers of the month,we've got some special offers below and a few precious growing tips in the page.
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